Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge for an estimate? Can you do the estimate over the phone?

We never charge for providing an estimate for your project. We like to visit each project site to discuss the details with the customer. It is not always possible to completely evaluate a project scope with only a phone conversation, and visiting the job site is the best way to gather accurate information.

How long does it take to get an estimate?

Every estimate is different. Most residential projects can be estimated within a day or two. For commercial and industrial estimates, it will possibly take longer, based on the complexity of the job. Please contact us for a free estimate.

How soon will you be able to get to my project?

Depending on the backlog of ongoing projects, it may take a few days, or up to a couple of weeks, to start your project. We will do our best to accommodate your requirements, and will schedule the project at a time which is convenient for you. We make sure that enough time is allocated to each project such that the deliverable is of the highest quality and always meets or exceeds customers’ expectations.

Is your company licensed?

Yes we are licensed, bonded and insured for your protection.

Am I required to have fluorescent lights in the kitchen?

Yes. Title 24 requires that 50% of the lighting wattage in the kitchen be fluorescent.

Does your company provide maintenance services?

Yes, we have experienced servicemen that will help you on your maintenance needs.

Do you work with general contractors?

Yes, we work with general contractors as well as interior designers, owners, and tenants. We assign the best person to your project to facilitate the progress of your project.

Can you recommend a good place to purchase lighting fixtures?

Choice Electric Supply provides recessed lighting and other lighting fixtures for the Northern California market.